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Competition rules

Paris, September 15th 2017.

Article 1 – Organiser

PragmaDev, hereby named the "Organiser", is a company that has its main place of business 9 rue Saint Ambroise 75011 Paris and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under reference RCS Paris B 437 847 510. PragmaDev is organizing a student competition called "Creation of a meshed network protocol for the internet of things" called the "Competition".

Article 2 - Theme

The rapid development of the internet of things raises new challenges related to deployment, security, and ecology. In that context, the objective of the competition is to specify a network protocol that addresses the following aspects:
  • meshed networks,
  • security handling,
  • identity management,
  • energy saving.

Article 3 – Duration

The competition will start October 1st 2017 and will end April 2nd 2018 (11h59). The Organizer has the right to stop, modify, shorten, lengthen, or cancel the Competition in case of force majeure. In that case the Organiser can not be held responsible.

Article 4 – Contest condition

3.1 Participants status

Participants must be aged between 18 and 29. Are excluded all the people involved in the organisation of the contest and their relatives. Any participant should be able to provide a valid student certificate for 2017/2018.

3.2 Participants identity

Participants must compete under their real identity. All information provided by the participant must be valid and correct. Any false information provided by the participant will exclude them from the competition.

3.3 Participation form

Submissions must be a model developed with PragmaDev Studio tool set. It must include the following elements:
  • A PragmaDev Studio model in a zip file (export as a zip file from the tool) including:
    • A model with a correct syntax so that it is executable,
    • Simulation traces illustrating nominal scenarios,
    • Test scenarios to automatically execute these nominal scenarios.
  • A PDF document (generated from the tool) explaining the model characteristics,
  • A few presentation slides.

3.4 Submission

Submissions will be sent via e-mail to the following address: concours@pragmadev.com, and should contain the last name, first name, university, e-mail, and telephone number of the candidate as well as a consent for the publication of the work including for commercial purposes.

Article 5 – Jury

The jury evaluating the submission is composed by the Organiser.

Article 6 – Results

The identity of the winner will be published on PragmaDev web site.

Article 7 – Prize

  1. The winner will win an Apple iPad.
  2. The jury has the right to attribute supplementary prizes to the winner.
  3. The jury has the right to attribute prizes to other participants.

Article 8 – Promotion and publicity

The winner authorise the Organiser to use their last name, first name, and creation publicly and commercially. The winner can not pretend to any contribution but the prize of the present contest.

Article 9 – Information

The winner will be informed of the jury's decision via e-mail from the Organiser. The delivery of the prize might be hand to hand or via mail.

The Organizer can not be held responsible if the prize can not be delivered for any external reason (wrong address, lost mail).

The winner can not ask for their prize to be exchanged. The Organiser has the right to replace the prize by another prize of similar value. The prize is nominative and can not be given to anyone else but the winner.

Article 10 – IP

Participants give away their exclusive author rights to the Organizer for the whole world and for the next 10 years starting the date their creation is submitted.

Article 11 – Guaranties and responsibility

Each participant guarantees to be the only owner of the IP attached to its submission.

The participant guarantees the Organizer against any third party claim of IP violation.

Article 12 – Access right

In conformance to articles 39 and 40 of the French law "Informatique et Libertιs", participants have a right to access and modify their own personal data by writing to PragmaDev – 18 rue des Tournelles 75004 Paris.

Participants are informed they might receive commercial e-mails from PragmaDev.

Article 13 – Governing law

This Agreement will be governed by the laws in force in France. Any dispute shall be handled by the court of Paris.