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PragmaDev Studio V5.2.1

Download as a a common zip file for Windows, Linux, and Mac (313 465 464 bytes):

RTDS V5.2 introduces:
  • ETSI SIP TTCN-3 support,
  • Code folding,
  • Direct PDF generation,
  • Improved tracing,
  • Improved freeRTOS.
Check the exhaustive list of new features here (restricted access).

Release notes:

  • PragmaDev Tracer is integrated in PragmaDev Studio. There is no PragmaDev Tracer installation as such, just install PragmaDev Studio.

  • Solaris version is not in this distribution. Contact support for more information.

  • Installation under MacOS might require to authorize execution of a downloaded file.

  • In some new Linux distributions such as Fedora 23, 24, and 25 we have experienced some display problems: some menus or text do not appear. For the time being a way around is to put the following library in the $RTDS_HOME/bin directory of PragmaDev Studio installation: libfontconfig.so.1

Previous versions

Previous version of our tool can be downloaded here (restricted access to customers).


The following manuals which are in PragmaDev Studio distribution are also available below:

FLEXlm V11.5

This is to be used if the FLEXlm version coming within RTDS (V8.0) is not supported by your license server.

  • For recent Linux server with the new glibc (V2.4 or more) :
FLEXlm license administration manual.

Short video introduction

What we do explained in seven minutes.