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PragmaDev Process V1.2.1


PragmaDev Process aims at verifying business process models described with BPMN (Business Process Model Notation). The new built-in property associated to its powerful exploration engine can automatically identify deadlocks in business processes. Among the new features:
  • Collaborative editing,
  • Boundary events,
  • Signal traces,
  • OBP graphical interface,
  • Deadlock analysis.
The editor is free of charge without any restrictions and the executor offers free execution of small models. Please note the PragmaDev On Line License Management system is not activate yet on our web site. Check the exhaustive list of new features here (restricted access).

MEGA Hopex integration

As part of the VeriMoB project we have developed with MEGA International an integration module so that MEGA Hopex users can easily verify their models with PragmaDev Process. A dedicated menu in Hopex allows to transfer models directly to Process, and in Process a dedicated button allows to jump back to the source diagram in Hopex. The integration is demonstrated in this short video. Installation instructions are detailed in the enclosed pdf.

Previous Process versions

PragmaDev Process Manuals

The following manuals which are in PragmaDev Process distribution are also available below:

PragmaDev Studio V5.6.1


PragmaDev Studio V5.6 introduces:
  • Latest FreeRTOS version integration,
  • Wayland support on Linux,
  • Windows scaling,
  • External procedure wrapper,
  • Improved simulation performance,
  • Requirements editor,
  • Direct PDF export.
Check the exhaustive list of new features here (restricted access).

Free ETSI SIP executable

ETSI conformance test suite for SIP are available for free as a win32, linux 32 or linux 64 executable and no license is required to execute them. The TTCN-3 source files are also available to download, it requires a PragmaDev Tester license to be edited or compiled. Please note these source files are slightly different from the original ETSI source files since some minor errors in the original ones had to be corrected.

Previous Studio versions

Previous version of our tool can be downloaded here (restricted access to customers).

PragmaDev Studio Manuals

The following manuals which are in PragmaDev Studio distribution are also available below: