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Tool acronyms: IN: Installation, LM: License management, UE: UML editor, ME: MSC editor, TE: Text editor, SE: SDL-RT editor, PM: Project manager, PG: Prototyping GUI, CG: C code generator, MT: MSC tracer, MD: Model debugger, MS: Model Simulator, MV: Model validation, DE: Document editor, TT: TTCN-3 support

Tool id description comment date status forecast
* 4492 When an unexpected error occurs, if the 'Quit' button on the dialog describing the error is clicked, but there is a modal dialog displayed behind it, the application actually doesn't quit until the dialog is closed. This is not needed and actually dangerous, since the dialog stays active and operations can be done in it, leading to another unexpected error. It would be better if the application would quit at once.  Done. A quit was asked via the GUI toolkit, but it was waiting for modal windows if there were any. Now the quit is still attempted, but with a scheduled call to a forced exit, which will trigger even if the quit doesn't work.  2022-09-15 C v6.0.1 
* 4317 Support the new syntax for broadcast in SDL Z100 and its behavior in simulation & code generation.  Done. A signal can now be sent 'TO ALL' instances of a named process, or 'TO ALL VIA' a channel, no more selecting a receiver instance at random, but sending a copy of the signal to all instances reachable via this channel.  2021-09-21 C v6.0 
* 4318 Introduce the notion of broadcast in SDL-RT as it exists today in SDL Z100 and implement it in the application.  Done. A message can now be sent 'TO_ALL' instances of a named process, or 'TO_ALL VIA' a channel, no more selecting a receiver instance at random, but sending a copy of the message to all instances reachable via this channel.  2021-09-21 C v6.0 
* 4220 Windows 64 bits support.  Done. Note that the FlexLM license manager could not be included in the Windows 64 bits version, the licenses have to be switched to PLM.  2021-03-08 C v6.0 
*E 2393 In all diagram editors, make clear where the text zones are one way or another, especially when they are empty. This is especially annoying in the UML editor where the attributes and operations texts are completely invisible when empty.  Done. The empty text entries now appear clearly if a symbol or link is selected in any editor.  2021-05-18 C v6.0 
*E 4276 When inserting statements or declarations through the contextual menu in texts, there is no clear separation between the text that should remain the same, such as keywords or generator names in SDL, and the test that the user is supposed to customize. It would be better if the two were visually different.  Done. Each part of a declaration or statement that the user is supposed to customize now appears between '~' characters, which triggers its color to be gray, making it clearer that this text is not the final one. This has been done in SDL editors as well as in the text editor for PR declaration files.  2021-05-10 C v6.0 
CG 4238 Today, when generating C or C++ code, SDL array indices can only be integers since the SDL array is mapped to a C array. But if anything else is used as an index, the problem is not spotted during code generation: the code is generated but doesn't compile with weird "RTDS_..._MIN / RTDS_..._MAX undeclared" errors. It would be much better to spot the issue sooner and avoid generating a wrong code.  Done. The C code generation now fails when there is an array in the SDL code with an index type that is not based on an integer. Note that this impacts the conversion of SDL to SDL-RT too: in the same case, the conversion will fail.  2021-03-29 C v6.0 
CG 4235 If the option 'UML-only code generation' is checked in the UML generation options, trying to build a project including SDL or SDL-RT diagrams seems to work anyway, but the build fails because the code in the profile is not included. There should at least be a warning saying that things are unlikely to work in this configuration.  Done. A warning is now displayed in this case, telling the user that it has very little chance to work.  2021-03-26 C v6.0 
IN 4206 The current installation utility for macOS is weird: instead of the dialog reopening itself over and over until the downloading is finished, it would be much nicer to have an actual progress bar.  Done. The dowload progress is now shown via a progress bar instead of a constantly reopening dialog.  2021-02-01 C v6.0 
MD 4333 When using the super-nextstate in a process class specializing another, it actually only works if the super-transition call symbol has been called in the transition. But nothing indicates that, and there is not even a warning when it is used alone.  Done. If a the call to the super-transition nextstate is present without a call to the super-transition body in a transition, an error is now generated during syntax/semantics check.  2021-09-02 C v6.0 
MT 4097 There's an inconsistency between messages with no parameter when sent internally and when sent from the simulator/debugger interface: in the first case, the message name is followed with "()" when in the second case it is not. The problem is, it confuses the "Validate system against MSC scenarios" feature, that identifies a mismatch when there is actually none.  Corrected. Messages with no parameters are now always traced with the name of the message only, with no '()' after it.  2021-05-10 C v6.0 
PM 4359 Validation of SDL models using OBP.  Done. Full exploration with code covergae extraction is available, as well as deadlock analysis, which will also identify errors in the model. Properties are partially supported: only normal, required and failed messages, 'alt' inline expressions & past negative chain constraints are supported. Note that multiples instances of the same process when verifying a property might cause false positives. Other validation tools relying on exporting the SDL to another format (IF, XLIA, Fiacre...) are now hidden by default as they offer less possibilities than OBP. They can be reactivated by checking the "Show deprecated validation tools in menus" checkbox in the 'Advanced' tab of the preferences.  2022-02-18 C v6.0 
PM 4349 In the 'Find all' dialog, there is a line for each project element indicating the number of hits in that element. It would be nice to also have the total number of hits displayed somewhere.  Done. The last line that indicates the end of the serach now also includes the total number of hits.  2021-09-10 C v6.0 
PM 4347 When importing a PR/CIF file containing process types defined in block types, the process type diagrams are correctly moved to the parent package level, but their definition often do not appear in the class diagram for the package. It would be better to make sure they are always correctly defined.  Done. The classes were actually missing from the package class diagram when they weren't exchanging any message with their environment; this has been fixed and all classes appear now. The class diagram also shows class specialization now, which was not shown before.  2021-09-03 C v6.0 
PM 4345 Improve the PR/CIF import feature to consider the cases where a comment or a text extension symbol appears at an invalid location, i.e cannot be attached to any other symbol. The contents of a such a symbol could be put inside a comment in a declaration symbol, for example.  Done. Lines in the original symbols are commented out by prepending '//' to them and put in a declaration symbol at the location of the original symbol. Note that text extensions also generate an import error, as they are supposed to contain some executable code, which will not be executed in the imported project since it has been transformed into a comment.  2021-09-01 C v6.0 
PM 4346 When importing a PR/CIF file and asking to create new-style diagrams, there are still warnings when a link between 2 symbols in a behavioral diagram cannot be recreated exactly as it was in the original file. But this warning is useless, as the links will be completely changed anyway when the diagram is converted to new-style.  Done. In such a case, no warning is generated anymore.  2021-09-01 C v6.0 
PM 4336 When importing a PR/CIF file, the standard SDL syntax used to reference agents in other packages "<> YYY" is not recognized and triggers errors during the import, causing the text to be missing in the imported project. It would be better to import it correctly, even if it does not work in the imported project.  Done. This syntax is now recognized in most cases and imported in the project. It is still not recognized during syntax check though.  2021-08-26 C v6.0 
PM 4342 A PR/CIF file containing SDL-like line continuation using an '_' at the end of a line and continuing it on the next line might cause an error, or be imported incorrectly.  Done. The line continuations are now resolved before actually importing the file.  2021-08-26 C v6.0 
PM 4338 If a PR/CIF file contains VIRTUAL, REDEFINED or FINALIZED keywords, they trigger a generic warning on import or even an error if the keyword ends up lost during import. Since these are not needed in Studio, it would be better to have a specific warning and to simply ignore them.  Done. Whenever one of these keywords is encountered in a PR/CIF file, a warning saying that it is not needed and will be dropped is now issued, and the import continues.  2021-08-26 C v6.0 
PM 4337 When importing a PR/CIF file, "signal set" declarations, used to declare signals that can be exchanged by 2 instances of the current process, trigger error messages. It would be better to import them correctly, even if they end up being ignored in the imported project.  Done. Signal set definitions are now imported in the processes. However, they will trigger a syntax error on check.  2021-08-26 C v6.0 
PM 3771 When using PragmaDev Studio's command line interface, licensing relies on the defined environment variables rather than on the preferences. It would be better to use the preferences just as the application does. Moreover, this would allow to use licenses that do not use environment variables, such as POLLM.  Done. The kind licensing to use is now read in the preferences file as well as all the needed information. Note that if no preferences file is found or if it doesn't contain any licensing information, the behavior reverts to what was used before, i.e the environment variables for PLM or FlexLM.  2021-05-03 C v6.0 
PM 4241 When converting SDL to SDL-RT, if an output symbol sends a signal TO a variable, an attempt is made to figure out if the variable has a PID type. But this works only if the variable is directly declared as a PID, and not as a syntype based on a PID.  Done. Syntypes are now resolved before testing the variable type.  2021-03-29 C v6.0 
SE 4378 When editing a system or block diagram, it would be nice to be able to insert a template for a signal or signllist declaration from the "Insert declaration" sub-menu in the contextual menu.  Done. MESSAGE and MESSAGE_LIST declarations have also been added for SDL-RT diagrams, and available declarations have been limited to the diagrams where they make sense everywhere.  2022-01-11 C v6.0 
SE 4319 There used to be a limitation on the number of "use" clauses that can be used in a system to 1. This limitation has been lifted in SDL, but still exists in SDL-RT. But there's no reason for that: the mechanism is exactly the same in SDL-RT as in SDL.  Done. The only thing preventing multiple USE clauses from working in SDL-RT projects was a semantics check that stopped analysing them after the first one.  2021-06-30 C v6.0 
SE 4297 It would be nice to always see in the Project manager which diagram or text currently has the focus.  Done. The element displayed in the editor that has the focus now has a slightly grey background, which stays if the project manager window is focused.  2021-06-29 C v6.0 
SE 4296 When editing a short text associated to a graphical SDL symbol it would be nice to open the containing diagram from the text editor.  Same as feature 4261; already done.  2021-06-04 C v6.0 
SE 1598 When using a default A4 page, the symbols are very large compared to the page. The default should be much smaller.  Done, but only for new-style diagrams. The original print size had been set by considering the point in the font sizes to be a pica point, i.e 1/72 of an inch. But screens nowadays have a resolution of 96 points per inch making the print output look huge. So a factor of 75% is now applied by default when printing. Note that this cannot impact "legacy" diagrams, since their page size is "hardcoded" and cannot be changed without completely changing how the diagram looks like.  2021-05-28 C v6.0 
SE 4218 In the SDL state machine editor when adding a timer set symbol there is no help on the timer set syntax.  Done. The contextual menu within the symbol text now has a standard "Insert statement" entry that allows to insert a timer start statement. For consistency, the same has been added to timer reset/cancel symbols too.  2021-05-10 C v6.0 
SE 4197 Today, link and symbol properties are displayed in 2 separate groups in the panel on the right side. It would be better if both were displayed in the same group, so that changing the selection from a symbol to a link wouldn't require to change the displayed group.  Done. There is now a single group for both kind of properties, that follows the selection as it changes.  2020-12-21 C v6.0 
TE 4261 When editing some textual code in the text editor of a graphical symbol that has a shortcut text it would be nice to have a Up button that would jump back from the text editor to the symbol we are describing in the graphical editor.  Done. The 'up' button is now displayed in the text editor just as in the diagram editors. It is only active when the text for a symbol is edited, and brings back to its parent diagram editor & selects the symbol.  2021-04-30 C v6.0 
UE 4343 Introduce text completion for packages, agent classes, signals/messages, signal/message lists, and so on in the class diagram.  Done. This was actually more or less done already, except a number of issues prevented it from working correctly. Issues have been fixed, and auto-completion now works as expected in package class diagrams.  2021-09-06 C v6.0