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Latest release of RTDS introduces support of TTCN-3 standard testing language including syntax and semantic verification, simulation, debug, and graphical traces. The formal models can be simulated against their related test suites. Traces and breakpoints can be set within the model or within the test suites and stepping is available on both sides because the bug might be in the model or in the test suite.
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Model coverage

At any time during a test session it is possible to view graphically the model coverage at any architecture level. You can see how many times a transition has been fired, how many times a state has been reached, and how many times a symbol has been executed.

Code coverage
Code coverage

Sample test suite

TTCN sample code
A TTCN-3 example test suite

The test verdict is displayed in the debugger window and in the graphical execution trace window.
Test verdict
Test verdict in an execution trace