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On-line evaluation

Get your hands on the tool within seconds without any installation (make sure to have an updated Java library) !

This on-line evaluation uses an innovative technology and has some restrictions. Would you like to try out the standard tool version free of charge, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Once RTDS is started, we suggest you do the following :

  • Go to File / Open Project... menu,
  • Go to the upper directory and down to examples / SDL / AccessControl,
  • Open the AccessControl project,
  • Select the AccessControl System,
    Select system
  • Click on the Debug quick button,
  • Once the Simulator is started,
  • Start an MSC Trace,
    MSC Trace
  • Start the Prototyping GUI,
    Prototyping GUI
  • Select Option / Timers / Real time timers,
  • Press the run quick button,
  • And play around with the system (Admin code is "007" in order to register new users).
A full tutorial is available here but please note this on-line demo does not contain any of the RTOS profiles or C compiler required to generate code and debug.