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PragmaDev is created and wins a national competition on innovative technologies.
Develop a modeling tool for real time software developers based on SDL-RT, a combination of SDL and C.

Master 2002 de la création d'entreprise.
Award from the Salon des entrepreneurs in Paris.

First version of Real Time Developer Studio with a unique RTOS integration.
Embedded software developers working with VxWorks.

Adds support of UML Class diagram, Deployment diagram, and Use cases.
Object oriented developers find their way with familiar OO concepts.

2004 Best-IT company selection.
Award from the spring session of Capital-IT.

New major release RTDS G3 introduces the support of SDL including a model simulator.
Existing SDL users can use the original notation and import from existing tools.

Master 2005 de la création d'entreprise.
Award at the French parliament.

Systematic cluster collaborative project exoTicus with Alcatel.
Experiment to export the model to verify properties on it.

SDL Forum in Paris.
PragmaDev to host the main conference on its core technology SDL.

Setting up a partnership with Verimag.
First attempt to introduce model checking.

Introduction of TTCN-3 in V4.
Automate model testing.

Integration in ESA TASTE framework.
Model integration with AADL, Matlab, Ada through ASN.1 connectors.

Presto European project.
Collaborative project with Thales on how to verify properties on an execution trace.

ITU-T standardizes the support of C in SDL.
Standardization of SDL-RT.

PragmaList Common resarch lab with CEA List.
Symbolic analysis of the model in order to verify properties or generate test cases.

V5 is PragmaDev Studio.
New organisation, new price, new look & feel.

VeriMoB collaborative project with DGA, Eurocontrol, and Airbus DS.
Aiming at the verification of business process models described with BPMN.

First version of PragmaDev Process.
A new tool to verify business process.

I dare change.
Download and experiment modeling.

PragmaDev Process and PragmaDev Studio are free to download and to use on small projects.

PragmaDev Process is a simple and powerful tool that aims at helping business process modelers to verify their models. It integrates a BPMN editor, executor and explorer. PragmaDev Process is only 90€ per user per month.

PragmaDev Studio is a tool to specify and design communicating systems. It integrates four different tools based on international standard technologies. PragmaDev Studio is 290€ per user per month.