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View our 30mn webinar presentation of the V5.3 new features.

Simulation of Cyber Physical Systems with FMI 2.0

Cyber Physical Models combine event driven and clock driven elements, critical parts and non critical parts. For that purpose PragmaDev Studio V5.3 supports Functionnal Mockup Interface FMI V2.0. The tool imports a Functionnal Mockup Unit (FMU) and analyzes its inputs and outputs. A mapping between the SDL model and the FMU is then defined through a specific interface. Both co-simulation and model exchange modes are supported. PragmaDev Studio acts as a "master" / "importing" tool.

FMI integration examples

As a typical example one can now combine a PragmaDev model with a Scade model and simulate them together. To illustrate this kind of situation two FMI integration examples come with PragmaDev Studio:
  • A basic OpenModelica water tank.
  • A more advanced one with Ansys Scade cruise control.

Cruise control

Support of requirements table in Reqtify integration

On one hand PragmaDev Studio could import requirements files in csv format and keep links between the textual requirements, the model, and the test.

On the other hand PragmaDev Studio had an integration with Reqtify traceability tool. Tracing information in the model could be read by Reqtify.

PragmaDev Studio and Reqtify integration goes one step further and makes the link between PragmaDev requirements table and Reqtify.

Reqtify integration

Statement wizard

As for a new type declaration, a wizard for textual statements helps users to model their system.

Statement menu

A template statement is then inserted making model design quick and easy.

Statement template

New gauge widget for the gui

A gauge widget has been introduced in the prototyping gui. It is a very nice and realistic way of displaying a value between 0 and 100. And this is very useful when co-simulating a clock based model through the FMI interface.

Prototyping GUI with Gauge

Improved built in library

PragmaDev Studio comes with a built in library called PragmaLib. That library extends SDL, the PragmaDev Specifier modeling language, to allow to manipulate files and create graphs. V5.3 now adds the support of an sprintf equivalent function to format the output in a file.


The available operators in PragmaLib are now:
  • PragmaDev_sprintf, PragmaDev_b4sprintf, PragmaDev_i4sprintf, PragmaDev_f4sprintf, PragmaDev_s4sprintf.
  • PragmaDev_FileOpen, PragmaDev_FileClose, PragmaDev_FileReadLine, PragmaDev_FileWriteLine.
  • PragmaDev_RadarGraphCreate, PragmaDev_RadarGraphAddLine.

Generation of tables in OpenOffice documents

Documents in PragmaDev Studio can contain tables that are described in the tool. V5.3 can export these tables in OpenOffice as well as in Word or HTML.

Table in Studio Document

The example table above will be generated in an OpenOffice document as below:

Table in Libre Office

New type declaration wizard

As it is not always easy to remember how to declare a new type, PragmaDev Studio V5.3 introduces a declaration wizard. A right click in the declaration symbol drops a menu with all the possible type declarations.

Declaration menu

A template declaration is then inserted making new type declaration quick and easy.

Declaration template