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See the recording of our webinar presenting the V5.2 new features.

Support of ETSI conformance test suites

PragmaDev Studio aims at supporting the full TTCN-3 test notation used by ETSI to produce its conformance test suites. As a first step, in V5.2, we have verified everything worked fine on the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), and made sure we had no restriction on generating the corresponding C++ code out of the publicly available conformance test suites.

ETSI SIP conformance test specification

Parameters editor

TTCN-3 modules or test cases can take external parameters. For that purpose a parameters editor has been introduced.

Parameter editor

The parameters are stored in a single file that is read by the generated executable.

Direct export to PDF

PragmaDev Studio can now directly export to a PDF document without any intermediate Word or Open Office document. Options are quite basic for the time being but will improve in future releases.

PDF export

Code folding editor

The text editor now supports code folding in order to make textual code more legible. The folding feature is available on C, C++, TTCN-3, and Python code.

Code folding on a TTCN-3 file

Improved tracer

Tracing execution generates quite a number of events and the associated parameters to the messages is sometimes very large. The events tended to overlap and large parameter values were out of the scope and could not be properly displayed. The new version presents events differently and automatically wraps the parameter values to solve these issues.

Optimized tracer

Improved FreeRTOS debug

FreeRTOS debug profile now reads the pending timers and updates system time information in the debugger window when debugging with MinGW.


Version verification

Each time the tool is started it will now check if there is a more recent version available. This way you are sure to always use the latest version which is particularely useful with new editions correcting bugs.

Version verification