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Freemium model

PragmaDev Studio V5.1 introduces a Freemium model. The tool is free for small projects without any restrictions on the features.

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The free version is ideal for evaluation, teaching, and small projects.

New TTCN-3 editor

As TTCN-3 is a textual language, easy navigation within the declarations will help productivity. The new TTCN-3 editor can easily browse from a test case to a template definition and to the type on which the template is based.

Select a template and press F6 will show the template definition in the right pane:

TTCN-3 browser

Click on open and the template definition will be opened in the editor:

TTCN-3 declaration

New widget in the prototyping GUI

A new Text entry widget is introduced in the prototyping GUI. The user can type in a value that can be used to interact with the simulated system.

Prototyping GUI

Built in library

A built in library now allows to manipulate files and to generate radar graph from within the Specifier model or the Tester test case.

Radar graph

Neutral project

Projects used to be Specifier (SDL) or Developer (SDL-RT) specific, they are now neutral and do not contain any information regarding the model type.

Automatic non regression testing

The built in model simulator allows to verify the model behavior is correct. Execution traces can be saved after each use case. What happens if the model is now modified? Will the previous scenarios still work on the modified version?

The automatic non regression testing feature will automatically re-execute the previous scenarios on the new version of the system. If any discrepency is detected the difference between the expected scenario is graphically displayed.

Automatic execution

The new cumulated coverage is displayed to make sure to reach 100%. After execution a non regression report is generated to further analyse the results.

Non regression report

Double click on the failed scenario will display graphically where the new version differs from the previous one.

Non regression report

New Performance editor

In order to ease the edition of performance information for each symbol in the model, a new Performance editor has been introduced to display the performance information in a synthetic model view.

Performance editor