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PragmaDev Studio on Raspberry Pi

PragmaDev Studio V5.4 runs natively on Raspbian, the official Linux distribution for all models of the Raspberry Pi. Connect a keyboard, a mouse, and a screen to your Raspberry and it is a small and cheap computer at your hands. You can now model directly on the Raspberry with PragmaDev Studio V5.4 and the built in model simulator interacts with the physical GPIO.

PragmaDev Studio on Raspberry Pi

Incoming messages in the model called GPIO_IN_XY will be triggered by GPIO #XY and output messages named GPIO_OUT_XY will set GPIO #XY, it is as simple as that.

Model editor on Raspberry Pi

The model executor is connected to the real GPIO.

Model executor on Raspberry Pi

The target triggers the events in the model.

Model executor on Raspberry Pi

ASN.1 tab completion

The tab completion feature now includes the types defined in an external ASN.1 file.

ASN.1 types tab completion

Multiple find

It is now possible to launch several finds in different tabs in the search window and navigate back in the different search results.

Multiple finds

Improved test traces

In order to get a synthetic and clear execution trace, it is now possible to only trace what is exchanged between the SUT (could be the SDL system) and the test cases.

MSC traces configuration

The resulting trace is as follow:

MSC traces from tests

Simulation of Cyber Physical Systems with FMI 2.0 on macOS

Cyber Physical Models combine event driven and clock driven elements, critical parts and non critical parts. For that purpose PragmaDev Studio V5.3 introduced Functionnal Mockup Interface FMI V2.0 on Windows and Linux. V5.4 now supports FMI on macOS as well. The tool imports a Functionnal Mockup Unit (FMU) and analyzes its inputs and outputs. A mapping between the SDL model and the FMU is then defined through a specific interface. Both co-simulation and model exchange modes are supported. PragmaDev Studio acts as a "master" / "importing" tool.

FMI on macOS

An example of an FMI integration with Ansys Scade cruise control model:

Cruise control